Getting Started

How to Download A Song From the Website

On the Welcome page, click on Our Music in the top menu. From there you can select whichever page contains the songs relevant to your search. 

Click on the song you want to download and move the cursor to the bottom of screen.

Several icons will appear:

Click on the   icon to download the song. In some situations, that icon can be greyed out (not live), so if that’s the case go to the top right corner of the page where you will see an icon that looks like this: – click on that to begin your download.

Go to the Downloads folder on your computer, tablet, iPad or phone and select the song you just downloaded.  You can then save it to your desktop or other file folder where you’d like to store it.

How To Use Songbook Pro

There are many music book apps out there, but not all of them are equal in terms of cost as well as options such as allowing songs to scroll, changing keys and editing songs.  This one will. This application works for iPad (iOS) Android, Windows and Fire.  It is a wonderful place to store, change and find songs.  

If you don’t already have Songbook-Pro, go to (or the Apple store if you have an iPad) and try out the free version of SongbookPro – Digital Songbook.  The icon for this has a white background and two black notes:

If using the Apple App Store search for SongbookPro: Press the little cloud with the arrow coming out of it, and it will turn to ‘Open’.  Click on that and you are on the way! There is a “Getting Started” section that you can either go through or skip – it will give you Amazing Grace complete with chords.  It is best to play with the program, and try pressing all the buttons to see what they do or ask someone who’s familiar with the app to show you.  The program has the capability to scroll as you play,  find new songs on Ultimate Guitar, download songs from Bytown or San Jose Ukulele as well as from our own website.  Most songs need to be in PDF format for the app, but songs selected from Ultimate Guitar can be changed.  In fact, with this program you can make changes to the key, words, title, category, or even move chords around.  But that’s for another day – it’s best to work on one thing at a time!  

If you have done it correctly, there should only be a one-time cost of less than $10.

The UOK Jammers

The major focus of our group is to provide an opportunity for anyone new to the ukulele to learn, play and sing in a friendly, non-threatening and fun environment. You may be brand new to the ukulele and want to learn to play…


You may know a few chords and can do a simple strum while changing these chords and keeping a steady, slow beat…


You can sing and strum at the same time and learn chords to simple tunes fairly quickly and ready to explore a variety of aspects of playing the ukulele.

Whatever your level, the UOK Jammers welcomes all players.  AND…if a concept or a song seems out of reach at the time, it’s OK to ‘bail’ and just enjoy listening and learning…no pressure! 

 We meet on a weekly basis between 1:30 to 3:30 every Friday afternoon at the Cottonwood Centre at 307-730 Cottonwood Avenue here in Kamloops. Room rental fee is $3.00/person or $2.00/person if you’re a member of the Cottonwood Centre.

We look forward to seeing you!
Wendy & Richard